Eric Newsome



June 2016

  • Video games, Grimm, and various indie films keeping TheVoice busy, updates coming

May, 2011

  • New Photos have been added to the Photos section... take a look!

February, 2011

  • Eric will soon be heard as Zeus, Tidehunter, Razor, and Tiny for aprominent Seattle-based video game company!

  • Experience the return of Dr Josiah Krundell! Click here to watch "Spy Happy" - Eric's Brooks DNA video!

August, 2010

  • Eric recently shot 2 new Leverage episodes, #304 and #311. Watch for them!

July, 2010

  • Dr Josiah Krundell will be back! Eric just completed work on a new BrooksDNA video. Watch this space for news on the new video.

  • Eric recently recorded the role of Michael Ford for the video game Conduit2.

February, 2010

  • Eric has just voiced the Narrator for the upcoming video game Spellforce 2, and is scheduled to record for Prey.

  • Eric just got word that his BrooksDNA video may be appearing as 30 second spots for advertising. More on this as it develops...

January, 2010